FrameworkJS for Construct 2

Make real apps through Construct 2!

Who said C2 is just a game engine?

Newbies can now develop powerful apps alongside games without waiting for Eventlr to be launched.

Download and install C2 addons, edit our boilerplate C2 project and easily build apps on top of it.

I'm also a newbie, just like you may be. But I made this amazing app just using easy, visual event-sheets on Construct 2. Eventlr is also being made this way!

Getting started

  1. Download the Construct 2 program (Windows - also works without major issues on Linux/Mac if you use WINE)
  2. Download and install HTML & iFrame (required) + Electron (optional) addons
  3. Get started with our boilerplate C2 project!


After getting the basic to develop HTML sites/apps with Construct 2, you will need some tools to test and export them.

We understand Construct 2 is closed-source and freemium. For that purpose Eventlr is being developed for app creation, and GDevelop is already here for game creation.

Soon: support for games! (AirConsole, KaiOS, Web3, etc)

Also, soon: support for Construct 3!

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